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This activity began with the representation for the sale and the assistance of plants, single machines and accessories and develops in consulting. It is in fact the continuation of the activity of my father Renato who started in the 80’s after several years of design and works direction in important Italian companies in foundry sectors, such as Musso, Pramaggiore, IMF etc. 

Experience with European leader companies

The experience gained in several years of activity, with companies those are leader in both Italy and Europe, allows me to engage and find the best solutions for the different needs of each customer. Since the beginning of this activity, I had the pleasure of cooperating with several companies such as: 

ABP Induction: induction melting plants 

Calamari: induction melting plants 

Carlo Banfi: sandblasting machines 

Coser: sandblasting machines 

Dantherm - Nederman Mikropulair filtration plants 

DISA: moulding plants and sand plants 

Eirich: mixers and sand plants

Evolut: robotic stations

Fischer: brackets moulding plants

Foundry Automation: green sand moulding plants, core-shooter machines

GMS: induction melting furnaces

IBO: suction systems upon melting plants (Tornado Hood)

IMF: no-Bake machines and plants 

Küttner: cupola melting systems

Lamef Milano: sandblasting and shotblasting machines   

MCM Foundry: no-Bake machines and plants 

Mendizza: dust and odours removal

Muzzi: special diamond-coated grinding tools 

Schenck: vibrating machines and plants 

Servizi Lame: machines and plants for both bandsaw and disc sawing 

Trascar: automatic warehouse and logistic

Ventilvenetaair filtration plants 

VF Montaggi Industriali: mounting services 

Vibroprocess: vibrating machines and plants

Vimec: vibrating machines and plants 

Wöhrno-Bake machines and plants

Yuatsuki - Runner Breaker: runing of runners and gatings

Many of the companies listed above placed themselves at the top of each sector where they are specialized in, thanks to their competences and success reached on the international market.  

We provide all-around solutions

The complex of solutions those we can provide allows us to elaborate commercial proposals of productions and services those will satisfy to 360 degrees the needs in foundry sector, and other industrial settings, introducing single machines, complete plants, accessories, spare parts and assistance.
The deep knowledge of the market and the wide range of products and services we represent allow us to suggest the most suitable technology for each specific production activity, even if it concerns a small craftsman or an important global company.

We provide sophisticated solutions and we support engineering studies

Thanks to the gained experience and to the different cooperation, we are able to support engineering studies for the realization of a complete project that involves every production area, following the work until the realization of a new turn-key production site.

In evolution with the state-of-the-art market

Always careful to the market evolutions and to the customer needs, we are constantly looking for integrate our proposals with plants and services those we thinks could represent trends or innovative solutions in the market, often drawing to parallel market or processing chain.

We suggest you the ideal suppliers

Our competencies and our knowledges concerning plants manufacturers allow us to introduce ourselves to the customers also as interface for the research of new suppliers, evaluating and selecting those companies which could provide efficient and competitive solutions in base of their needs. 

Among our customers there are important companies in both foundry and -non foundry sector

For a long time, important Italian companies take advantages of our consulting. These companies use a wide range of production processes such as green sand moulding, resin sand, shell and die-casting with both manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic production with high production capacity.
Among our customers there are also companies which production concerns ferrous alloys (cast iron and steel) and/or non-ferrous alloys (aluminum, bronze, copper, etc) and companies specialized in the production process of sandblasting, deburring, finishing or mechanical pre-processing. (
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